Research Active Practice

Alderley Edge Medical Practice is a ‘Research Active Practice’.

This means that our patients, if suitable, may be asked to take part in a range of research opportunities including clinical trials for new drugs or new uses of existing drugs to further our understanding of how best to treat certain conditions. By doing this research in a General Practice setting, rather than just in hospital patients, the results of a clinical trial can be more easily applied to the whole UK population rather than just to select groups.

The research for the practice is led by Dr Stuart Stewart, Dr Pete Speake and Dr Alex Garvey, who identify patients that may be eligible for different studies. They then approach patients to see if they would be interested in taking part in a certain study.

In the UK, there are over 4000 studies in healthcare research that are underway, aimed at improving the health of patients, or addressing the barriers to good health. Ideally, our research doctors would like to discuss with you about all research opportunities that may be available to you. However, given the number of opportunities available, we may sometimes send you an invitations to take part in research without discussing this with you directly.

Please rest assured, we only take part in research that would be of benefit to our patients and in collaboration with trusted research groups. Your health is our priority.

We believe that patients who participate in research studies benefit from doing so. Patients who decide that they do not want to take part are totally at liberty to do so, and for these patients we will continue to treat them in line with current best practice.

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