Cheshire East – People helping people

The coronavirus pandemic is a challenging time for everyone, but the kindness already being shown in our communities is outstanding.

We want to build on this to ensure our most vulnerable and isolated residents receive the help and support they need. If you would like to offer support or need help with any of the following:

  • Shopping / gathering medical supplies
  • Meal deliveries
  • Advice and guidance
  • A friendly phone call
  • Or another support service …

Click here to contact us online or phone: 0300 123 5034.

For important information if you are self-isolating please click here.

For information travelling abroad please click here.

Coronavirus Symptoms

Self-isolation is recommended if you develop any of these symptoms:

  • A new continuous cough
  • Fever
  • Loss of smell or taste

We have been closely monitoring the emerging data and evidence on COVID-10 and after thorough consideration, we are now confident enough to recommend this new measure.

We would like to thank all patients for their patience and support during these difficult times. We have all had to make great changes and this includes how we are providing services at Alderley Edge Medical Practice to ensure the safety of our patients and staff members.

Patients within the community  have shown great solidarity in supporting each other and the practice with:

  • Adopting recent changes with new telephone and online services (medication ordering and consultations) at the Surgery.
  • Maintaining good social distancing and self-isolation.
  • Supporting local volunteer networks.
  • Supporting local foodbanks for vulnerable residents.
  • Supporting the NHS with PPE donations

The surgery is not providing the booster vaccinations. Please do not call us about the vaccination programme.  Click here for more information about the programme

Anyone who received a COVID-19 vaccination during the early stages of the vaccination programme (priority groups 1 to 9) is eligible to receive a COVID-19 booster vaccination.

Coronavirus Vaccinations

The Government and Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation have developed a schedule for vaccinating patients based on several factors. Whichever group you are covered by, we will be in contact as soon as we can to offer you a vaccination.  Please do not contact the practice to arrange your appointment until we have informed you that we can provide you with a vaccination.

The Coronavirus vaccination program for our area is being run at Wilmslow Health Centre.  Click here for frequently asked questions about the vaccination.

Click here for information on Covid-19 Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine concerns

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme – What You Need to Know

Your Covid Recovery Website

Your Covid Recovery is a website designed to help understand recovery from the long-term effects of Covid-19.

It is important to highlight that the ‘normal’ expected recovery pattern which is perhaps longer than some might expect.

For most people who have had the COVID infection and are severe enough to need hospital care, we would expect from experience with other similar bacterial and viral infections that in around;

  • 4 weeks most of the chest pains, and phlegm (sputum) should have reduced.
  • 6 weeks cough and feeling breathless should have greatly reduced.
  • 3 months most symptoms should have settled but tiredness may still be present.
  • 6 months symptoms should have all settled.

Those who were admitted into intensive care will often find that recovery takes longer than this, possibly up to a year.


Government support

The government have launched a new website for patients to use in finding out what help they can get if affected by coronavirus.

This service is available to all patients who are seeking advice and guidance on the topics such as:

  • feeling unsafe
  • going in to work
  • paying bills or being unemployed
  • getting food
  • having somewhere to live
  • mental health and wellbeing

Please follow this link

Proof of your vaccination status will be available on the NHSapp.

The NHS app can be downloaded here for iPhone or here for android.

We are unable to issue these certificates at the practice.

Please click here for further information.

Alternatively you can call the NHS helpline on 119 (from 17 May) and ask for a letter to be posted to you. This must be at least 5 days after you’ve completed your course of the vaccine, the letter may to take up to 5 days to reach you.

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